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Hollo: The Gatecaster’s Apprentice by Devon Michael

Because I’m still MIA (thank you for all the heartwarming comments guys !!!<3) but mostly because of the words 'BOOKWORM HEAVEN' (and I fully trust Liis' opinion on this): here's a fab 5-star review! I grabbed my free copy after reading it alright!

Cover to Cover

I present to you… a present. That’s right, this book by Devon Michael is a gift.


Hollo always wanted to go out and explore the city, not that she dared… but still… staying inside all the time is bad for a body, even a wooden one. And what’s the good of being able to do magic if you can’t even enchant the statues next door to keep you company? Or make the best tea you ever had? Or accidentally turn people into stone…

Hollo has always been different, but now that she’s twelve, she is about to find out that she isn’t just different, she’s one-of-a-kind. Once forced to brave the city streets alone, she finally sees magic for what it really is. The golden glow that brought her wooden body to life may be more dangerous than she could have ever imagined, and worse of all, her safe, secret house is losing…

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