Last Week on Inked Brownies

May 2016

Mini break

Howdy people! I already posted on Twitter that I would be absent for a few days due to attending a funeral in the south of Holland. It’s not like it’s that far away, but when the only [...]

27/05/2016 // 28 Comments

The Gilmore Girls Book Tag!

When I saw this tag over at Sue’s Reading Corner, I practically squealed with delight. If you’re relatively new to my blog, you probably haven’t been pestered with this yet, but [...]

22/05/2016 // 1 Comment

Memories of a Mad Man Blog Tour

Today, I’m sharing something different with you. I’ve been contacted by Tia about this blog tour awhile ago and had absolutely no time left to fit this book into my overwhelming reading [...]

20/05/2016 // 4 Comments