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Oversharing Post, Update

My dad got his test results back yesterday: bowel cancer and a suspicious spot on one of his kidneys. So far, it seems like they’ve caught it early, but nothing is certain yet. My massive thanks for the overwhelming support I’ve been getting from you guys this past week. Pray for me this story will have its happy ending!

Blog-wise, I’ve arranged some fabulous guest posts for the upcoming month(s), so there won’t be any of this…


                       …going on around here.

Well, maybe a little, but tough luck eh?

Keep on reading y’all! I’ve actually managed to finish 2 books last night, so I really can’t complain there :).




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27 Comments on Oversharing Post, Update

  1. My godfather is going through the same thing, only he has a spot on his liver. He’s doing chemo now and until now it seems to work, so don’t lose hope. Know that my thoughts are with you.


  2. ichabod2014ic // 18/06/2016 at 14:11 // Reply

    Hi Anne.
    I’m praying for your dad.
    I do not share a lot of personal information, but I try to be supportive of my friends that do.
    Take care,
    your pal,
    ~Icky. 🙂

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    • Thanks Icky! ❤ I finished your book yesterday and it was nice to have an occasional laugh during poopy times. You’ll have to wait a bit longer for the full review, but now you already know I enjoyed it ;).

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      • ichabod2014ic // 18/06/2016 at 23:19 // Reply

        Hi Anne.
        My books are intended to be little ‘pick-me-ups’. 🙂
        Glad it worked out that way for you.
        Many folks are wishing your dad the best on fathers day.
        Your pal,
        ~Icky. 🙂

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  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear that!
    All the strength to your dad, you and your family to beat the bad and come out on the good side as survivors!

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  4. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that 😦
    Keeping everything crossed that treatment is effective and not too tough on him. Sending more positive vibes and hugs.

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  5. Sending much love and positivity to you and yours. Wishing you all the best.
    I hope that your blogging and reading (and of course family and friends) will help you through this difficult time.

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  6. So sorry to hear about your dad. Sending you all the love and positivity I can muster. Thinking about you lots and lots. Crazy big supportive hugs xxxxxxxx

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  7. Sending hugs and good vibes. I will pray for your dad and hope the treatment won’t be too hard on him.

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  8. Zainab Sheikh // 19/06/2016 at 16:50 // Reply

    Sending you all the love! I hope your father gets better. If you ever need anyone to talk to, we’re always here. ☺

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  9. bookheathen // 21/06/2016 at 19:57 // Reply

    So sorry it was bad news. But catching cancers early is always good.

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  10. katelynnhillier // 24/06/2016 at 00:12 // Reply

    beams healing rays and fairy tale endings your way *
    I’m sorry to hear about your dad – I hope they caught it early – and I hope your mom’s doing okay too. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to have to translate at every hospital visit, but you are an amazing daughter for it.
    If you or your husband need any chocolate from Canada as a pick-me up let me know! I’ll send that goodness over in priority mail! (which would reach you by Christmas with Canada post… but then we’d have someone to call and nag at, right? :D).

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    • Oh maan, healing rays!! 😀 Thank you! ❤ It’s pretty tough, but at least the surgeon explained things loud and clear to them yesterday. “THESE ARE YOUR BOWELS SIR!! THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO!!points at illustration of bowels. To which my dad said “For god’s sake, you don’t have to yell man.” and my mother just looked confused as usual. ❤ My sister went on a holiday to Italy last week so…yeah :P. Ooooh, Canadian chocolate? My Newfie friend once sent me Hershey’s but me thinks that’s technically from the US. You can send it to me in a Christmas sock! :#)


    • Wait, did I just send a Hitler smiley? O_o

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      • katelynnhillier // 24/06/2016 at 17:44 // Reply

        I guess it may be a Hitler smiley, but I never would have thought of it if you hadn’t mentioned it. 😉
        Awww, your dad sounds adorable. I’m totally picturing him as Carl from Up! too.
        I think Hershey’s is American too, but Purdys Chocolate is better AND Canadian (according to their website). There are these AMAZING peanut butter fingers that practically melt in your mouth! And the hedgehogs – milk chocolate with a hazelnut filling in the shape OF A CUDDLY, ADORABLE LITTLE HEDGEHOG! ♥
        I threw out the packaging from Witchyman with your address, otherwise I would have already sent you some. 😦 You let me know and I’ll make an emergency Purdys raid STAT!
        I also just noticed your WordPress theme is the Choco Theme which makes me happy. slow golf clap

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      • Hot damn hoy sin sauce…story of my life! Haha! 😀 I just realised he’s featured on this blog somewhere et voilà! It ain’t no Carl, but close call ;).
        LOL, the first image I see on their website :’) sings along with Canadian national anthem but OH. MY. But isn’t it like really, really expensive??! I mean, I certainly don’t want you to raid your wallet for me :D. I mean, would I like it? OH GOD YES, YES, YES!!! but only if it doesn’t cost a fortune ❤
        Yeah, I keep wanting to try out another theme, but they took this one out of the selection, so I would never be able to go back! EVER! And it’s a motherfucking Choco Theme, idd…


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