Last Week on Inked Brownies

Cake vs. Books

Okay, I won’t be finishing any books this week, let alone review any. It turned out that most of the books I picked for my Autumn reading are HUGE. I’m alternating between ‘Outlander’ and ‘Dragons of Autumn Twilight’ now. Hopefully, I’ll finish one or both of them next week. Until then, I thought I’d just write a post regarding my baking.
I don’t know if anyone really noticed, but I didn’t put up any recipes together with my last couple of book reviews. If I have to try out a new recipe with every book I read, I have to bake more cakes than I have time for really; something I found out along the way. Sooo, I decided to reserve the experimental baking only for those books that have a good connection with a certain recipe (in my opinion).

I actually DID make a cake which should have accompanied Ti and The Magical Key , but I never uploaded it anymore due to my wedding. So, instead of a book review this week, I’m giving you cake. Paleo style cake!!


I chose this recipe for Ti, because the book involves the Goddess of cocoa, and DAMN, a lot of cocoa powder went in this one! It’s also a healthy recipe with plenty of vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fats. Perfect for kids! It should quickly fill them up as well, cause, whew, this stuff is rich…*burps*

Today, my parents got me this GIANT of a kitchen machine, so I’m really looking forward to trying out something nice with it. I literally couldn’t stop looking at it this afternoon; in fact, every time I walk past it, I find myself staring in admiration. Can a husband get jealous of a kitchen machine? The answer is yes, maybe.


I’m hoping to bake a Halloween theme-related cake this week, so stay tuned!
Oh, and have you seen my Giveaway yet? It ends tomorrow at midnight (Amsterdam time), so if you haven’t signed up yet and you’d love to get some free Neil Gaiman books in your mailbox, don’t forget to sign up while you still can!

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