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All Hallows Read Giveaway

Last year, I decided to centre my very first giveaway around one of the themes I love the most: Halloween! A day after posting it, I discovered Neil Gaiman’s little [...]

31/10/2016 // 75 Comments

It’s my Blogiversary!!

Okay, so technically I got the WordPress notification yesterday, but I didn’t start posting things until the 17th. Plus today is my dad’s birthday so I think the 16th is the perfect [...]

16/08/2016 // 144 Comments

Witchyman by K.B. Hill + Giveaway

Kindle Edition, 215 pages Published July 14th, 2015 by Dunham Books This is, hands down, the most disturbing book I’ve ever read. I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to finish it [...]

27/04/2016 // 16 Comments

Postponing the Post

Due to some personal circumstances last week AND my 6-month anniversary today, which my husband and I are going to celebrate in style (read: lie on the couch and watch Star Wars again), I won’t [...]

05/04/2016 // 8 Comments

Indie Month: Week #1

Because I’m totally swamped with numerous things at the moment, there won’t be a Graphic Friday post today. Instead, I’ll just do a small recap/update of/on the first week of Indie [...]

11/03/2016 // 3 Comments