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All Hallows Read Giveaway

Last year, I decided to centre my very first giveaway around one of the themes I love the most: Halloween! A day after posting it, I discovered Neil Gaiman’s little [...]

31/10/2016 // 75 Comments

Poem: An Ode to Sausages

Inspired by Drew’s poetry contest @ The Tattooed Book Geek, here’s a fine piece of poetry by yours truly! An Ode To Sausages A sausage is no longer a sausage when it has shed its skin [...]

12/09/2016 // 99 Comments

Summer Book Haul + Updates

After having been a good girl for almost 6 whole months, I caved in June and started buying books again…and haven’t read a single one of them yet due to all the ARC’s that I made my [...]

02/09/2016 // 71 Comments

The Liebster Award 2.0

I was nominated by Drew@The Tattooed Book Geek a while ago. And I’m thinking there was someone else who nominated me as well, but I don’t believe I got a pingback for it so I’m at [...]

25/08/2016 // 47 Comments