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Hype or Like Friday! It’s Locked: Top 5 of Scariest Settings You Don’t Want To Be Stuck In

Welcome to my first Hype or Like Friday: a meme that was created on Goodreads by Jill @Rant And Rave About Books,  Larkin @Wonderfilled Reads, and Britt @Geronimo Reads. The focus of the group is to talk about hyped books and whether they deserve such high praise or not. Each month, there’s a Book of the Month that will be reviewed on the last Friday of said month. To join the group or find more information about it, please go to the Goodreads page HERE.

This month’s theme is I Ain’t Scared Of The Dark. The topic for this week’s Hype or Like Friday was a bit of a wild card, apart from having to choose from a provided list of topics. I went with Donna@Chocolatenwaffles‘ idea of:

It’s Locked: The Scariest Settings/Places Where You Would Not Want To Be Stuck

I haven’t read many scary books during the past couple of years. Not because I don’t like scary books but because my anxiety has been flying through the roof enough already without the help of any external factors. Which is why this list won’t solely have horror books/thrillers to it, but simply scary settings from books I’ve read in the past two to three years that I do not want to be stuck in.

My top 5 in no particular order
(if I’ve reviewed the book, clicking on the image will take you to the corresponding review):


Dark Age Fantasy shrouded in mystery and horror! I gave this book 4.5 brownies which is practically as good as it gets over here. There’s a plot twist. You won’t see it coming. Read my review is all I can say here. But yes, I definitely do NOT want to be stuck inside the setting of this book. A living nightmare for sure.


Although this dystopian setting won’t be a shiny example of a massive shindig to anyone, it is one of my worst personal nightmares of all time. Global warming has reached its toll. Genetic manipulation and trying to play God also hasn’t fared well. Most people are living in domes. And when the creme de la creme of catastrophes takes place (the book goes back and forth using flashbacks, so this isn’t a spoiler), there is only one survivor. With barely any food left, and a crazy climate with unbearable hot humidity during most of the days, I would probably rather be dead than alive in it.



While I loved this book, I absolutely do not want to trade places with Richard Mayhew when he’s trapped in London Below. Not only is London Below a horrifying place to live in with all the darkness, crazy people and murderers lurking around every corner; the life you knew on the world Above ceases to exist. You become invisible to every person and can never go back to your family and friends. If I remember correctly, it’s like you’ve never existed to them in the first place. Scary thought!


The Dark Tower world is actually not just one world, but a vast collection of parallel worlds to our own. And they are all slowly dying because the one place that binds them all, the Dark Tower, is falling apart and being corrupted by external factors. I’ve only read the first five books in the series but the number of times Roland has almost died by the hand of hunger, thirst, or mutants can’t be counted on one hand anymore. And then there are the giant crabs that eat you alive if you’re already dying. Awesome books, but not places I’d like to visit, let alone be stuck in *shudders*.


This was one of the first ARC’s I was lucky enough to get approved for, and while it’s a Middle-Grade book, I soon found out I shouldn’t read it right before going to bed. When Max and her little brother are being transported to a creepy island, it turns out no one wants to be there after sunset. The days are ‘wonderful’, the nights a major creep fest when all the evil creatures on the island come alive. Three, four, better lock your doors!

‘Fun’ Fact: I had no idea that a peddler was an already existing word, so watch me go out of my way when it comes to describing the Peddler’s job description from this book in my review (okay, so I just checked and it was only half a sentence, but in my head, I wrote an entire paragraph on it)!



I would NOT want to get stuck in one of Christian Grey’s BDSM devices. Not even if he fed me pancakes while dangling from the ceiling…


This kind of happened to me while playing Second Life many years ago. It really isn’t as much fun as it seems.

Have you read any of these books? What are your scariest settings? Do you have a safe word?




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96 Comments on Hype or Like Friday! It’s Locked: Top 5 of Scariest Settings You Don’t Want To Be Stuck In

  1. LMAO at the bonus setting! 🙂 Ha, that’d be pancakes, sausage and cream then! 🙂

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  2. Hey! Happy Friday to you! I would like to send along an invite for you to join the Halloween Writing Contest going on right now on my blog. Great opportunity to change up your blog and interact with other bloggers. 🙂


  3. You just made me want to read The Peddler’s Road. Thanks! 😉
    And haha, this bonus setting is pretty funny joke!

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  4. THE BONUS SETTING AND THAT GIF YOU ADDED!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!! Literally laughing out loud at work.

    All jokes aside though, I hope you’re okay and feeling better =)

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  5. Your bonus setting is soooo true. Freaking scary stuff. I love that you listed Atwood– I personally had nightmares about The Handmaids Tale for WEEKS after reading that book. I would not survive in such a world.

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  6. Yay you went for a Hype or Like Friday!!! 😀
    I am so with you on anxiety pushing aside most scary books because the beast does not need to be fed, it’s already wild and kicking on its own!
    The mere cover for After Life makes my brain screams “go away, run the other way, gooooo” haha! I haven’t been a fan of forests and woods since I read King’s The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 50 Shades is a horror in itself anyway!

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    • I really liked this month’s theme! 😀 And topic obviously! wink, nudge, wink But dude, aren’t you reading a lot of thrillers? xD Or doesn’t that count? 😉 Yeah, forests are beautiful but oh so scary! It sure is! ❤


  7. Amen to that bonus setting sister. How utterly terrifying it would be!! Oryx and Crake actually sounds rather frightening. I have not read that particular book, but I read another dystopian several years ago where it was very similar and domes were the ting. I remember continually thinking how horrid and miserable it would be. I hated the setting (but that was the idea 😉 ) I was a bit shocked to find Neverwhere on your list girl! Ok, to be fair it is a scary concept, but I was so fascinated.. I would not mind a small venture haha 😛 I should look into this meme and group. Fabulous post darling!

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  8. Megan @ bookslayerReads // 21/10/2016 at 19:55 // Reply

    I haven’t read any of these books, but Oryx and Crake has been recommended to me several times! Maybe it’s about time I read it!

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  9. OMG I wasn’t expecting that bonus setting hahahaha ! But you are so right!
    I think mine would be the arena in the hunger games because I don’t think I could possibly kill anyone ><
    But a world with a crazy climate is also terrible, like Dune!

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    • bows xD I was thinking about the Hunger Games too actually! I couldn’t kill anyone either, so that’s certain death there and ain’t nobody got time for that! Ah, yes, I still have to read the book(s), but I saw the movie. Deserts are scary!

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  10. Zainab Sheikh // 21/10/2016 at 20:20 // Reply

    All of these settings sound horrifying not that our world is any less of it. But, it’s better than the lurking evil creatures or murderers around every single corner. Peddler’s Road sounds intriguing. I’m definitely gonna add it on my TBR. It also reminds me of Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi. That book also has a loooooot of weird and creepy settings.

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    • Wise words there! Definitely, I don’t know how I would make it through the day if I knew there were monsters out there! Thumbs up! Whoever said that Middle-Grade can’t be scary is clearly dead wrong 😀

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  11. “Afghanistanbananastan”

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  12. What about pancakes and sausages? As crazy as my life has been, I have never needed a safe word. Ha!

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  13. LOL! Bonus Setting! That was great, you are right though I sure as hell would not want to get stuck in that either!! Great post 🙂

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  14. Hahahaha yes agree with you about fifty shades of grey! Shudders (seriously why do some people consider Christian grey sexy- he’s a creepy stalker with boundary issues, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word no) excellent choices! I loved never where but get why you picked it! And most dystopias would freak me out! (I’d probably pick ending up in the hunger games as worst case scenario, or the rats scene in 1984…) Need to check out after life!

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    • I honestly don’t know why so many women get turned on by him either, just…yuck! I absolutely loved Neverwhere as well but no way I’m going down there! xD Dang, 1984 would’ve been a great choice!! And I contemplated on adding The Hunger Games as well because…I’d die within the first minutes there xD.

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  15. I’ve always felt quite drawn to Roland’s world in the Dark Tower – but possible just to read about rather than spend any serious time in, you’re right 😉

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  16. LOL at the 50 shades mention hahahaha I hated Christian so much… 😦 STALKER

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  17. I haven’t read Oryx & Crake yet, but my does it sound like a place I would NOT want to get stuck in either. I often watch documentaries at night, whatever’s on tv at the time, so naturally there are often ones about global warming & the consequences as well. You’d think documentaries are great for putting you to sleep, but actually they can easily keep you up at night :/ Scary stuff! (Aside from the fact that I always just want to KNOW, so I have to keep my eyes open and keep watching anyways 😀 )
    The Peddler’s Road has a very pretty cover and it sounds intriguing – I think I will add this to my list 🙂
    Also… LOL at that bonus setting 😀 😀 😀 And I very much agree.

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    • Haha! I honestly can’t watch any of those documentaries at all without feeling physically sick about it for a few days afterwards. Scares the crap out of me!! (I want to know as well, though 😉 same goes for certain medical conditions that are better to stay ignorant of XD). The Peddler’s Road is a nice Middle-Grade book. And the cover might be the best part of it ^^. Haha fist bumps! 😀

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  18. I’m so behind on posts and haven’t written any for HLF this month. I’m a terrible host, huh? This move has sucked the life out of me like a vampire. 🙂 I still owe you the answers to your questions. I didn’t forget. I’ve been running around like a crazy person ever since I decided to move with less than a month’s notice. Who does that? LOL I’ll get mine over to you as soon as I can.

    I wouldn’t want to be trapped anywhere Christian Grey is, especially not in his torture chamber. And I also wouldn’t want to get stuck in any of King’s book settings because most of them are beyond creepy. I’m so glad you’re doing HLF. Too bad I’m sucking and not posting. I’m planning to post my DNF review of the over-hyped garbage that is Miss Peregrine’s. Maybe the movie will be better. You didn’t like it either, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I already felt like I was the only one who posted for it last week XD. But then I saw there were 2 more people on Goodreads :’). Girl, I just started emptying out some of my boxes on the attic today. And I moved here 4 years ago ^^. It’s hectic alright! Plus, with all the stress, you just want to relax (that would be me, at least). I finally printed a picture of Neil Gaiman last Sunday. Now I just need to find some treacle :’). Lol, I will definitely go off on a rant about the audiobook version this week. I mixed it up with my paperback and I still don’t know if the book just sucked balls or if the narrator ruined the entire experience.

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  19. thebookprophet // 24/10/2016 at 21:38 // Reply

    I haven’t read any of these books but they all sound like places I would not, under and circumstances, want to end up in. Before even reading the description for the Dark Tower, I saw that it was by Stephen King, and although I haven’t read a Stephen King novel, I do know I would not want to be stuck in any of his books.

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  20. My youngest son promised that he would always know what to get me for birthdays, Mother’s Day and Christmas when he started me on the Dark Tower series. That was 3 years ago.

    I have the first one. “STILL WAITING FOR #2, MIKEY!!!”

    (he heard me. he says this Christmas I get 2!! 😀 )

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  21. Yep, loved the bonus setting as well with the gif! 😀
    I remember the world in After Life.. that was one helluva book!

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  22. I wouldn’t want to live in ANY Stephen King book…and probably not the world of The Handmaid’s Tale (where women make babies for the privileged or become prostitutes, and I would be a HORRIBLE prostitute!)
    You ever feel like there’s one you could think of, but it just isn’t coming to you? That’s what’s happening to me now! That’s why I rarely do these tags…I can never think of answers to the questions and I feel like I’m on Jeopardy and losing! 😑

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    • My eyes automatically focused on the part where you’re calling yourself a horrible prostitute :’) :’). Me too, though. I’d totally suck at it (heh). YES!! That’s exactly what it feels like!! ❤ And then someone in the comment section says: “Oh, I’m surprised to not see X on your list!”. Motherfucker! And it’s exactly the one you couldn’t come up with yourself at the time. sighs I think my period it on its way…;)


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