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Helping to Save the Bees!

A small post of great importance. I can’t share this often enough!

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19 Comments on Helping to Save the Bees!

  1. I had no idea bees were dying off. Shows you how much I pay attention to the news these days. This doesn’t really surprise me though, since many people do not like having bees around for all kinds of reasons. I do realize how important it is to have bees around, well to have all animals around to continue a life cycle. It amazes me sometimes how there was a time when the amount of species of all animals were somewhat abundant and now the majority of them are extinct, something that most people do not think about nor care about, but nonetheless something for people to put into perspective. One day we will have bees and the next, we will have none… scary thought, eh?


    P.S great job in spreading the word.

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    • They are, sadly. I understand a lot of people are a bit afraid of bees, but take them (and other pollinators) away and we can say goodbye to pretty much all our fruits and vegetables. And other plants, and trees eventually. It’s really a horror scenario and it pisses me off badly whenever I see one of my neighbours spraying pesticides on their front lawn, just because they want everything to look ‘perfect’. It’s definitely something to think about! I’m glad I reached at least one person with by reblogging this post 😉 ❤

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  2. This is a very enlightening post. Before reading this, I had no idea bees were in trouble. Thanks for reaching out to us bloggers with an informative, insightful message!

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  3. I don’t think they’re dying off they’ve all just moved here. My neighbors have these bushes that attract bees like crazy so I can’t step outside without seeing a ton of them flying around everywhere.

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    • If only!! 🙂 Or well, maybe not for you then ;). I planted some extra bee attracting bushes (on top of the ones I already had) and I can’t really work in my garden during the day because there are so many of them. But that’s okay with me, I’m happy to see them here, and I’ll just stay inside and read a book instead 😉

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      • It’s actually hard to comprehend any insect dying off these days since we’ve been seeing more of lots of them that I hadn’t see around in years. Have been noticing things like katydid’s and grasshoppers etc that really seemed to disappear for a while have been showing up more and more. But definitely no shortage of bees….. or spiders, way way too many spiders lately. LOL

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  4. Love this, it’s such an important issue and one I’m passionate about too. 🙂

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  5. bookheathen // 10/07/2016 at 16:26 // Reply

    This is a much more of a problem than a lot of people realise. Pollination is essential to life and without bees we are all in serious trouble.

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    • Yes, yet people still think it’s more important to have the perfectly trimmed/weed free garden somehow. If there are weeds in mine that be harmful to my other plants or upset the neighbours, I just remove them by hand instead of taking the easy way out and use pesticides.

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  6. Everyone could help by restricting the use of pesticides and planting bee friendly flowers. Who needs all the green grass anyway.. LOL

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  7. It’s very sad how the bee life is dying . I’v been trying to plant a lot more plants to attract bees . Lavender etc … Is there more one can do to help ?


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