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Fighting Food Poverty

Last week, I was contacted by Carly , a fellow blogger who is currently working at Eat United , asking me if I was interested in participating in a project that tries to eliminate food waste and food poverty (two things that shouldn’t co-exist in the first place!) in Nicaragua in one go. By spreading awareness and donating a few dollars, you can participate as well. The concept itself is actually quite simple:

1. Snap it: Take a selfie with a tasty snack.
2. Donate: U$5 to Eat United Nicaragua pressing the “Make a Donation” button above
3. Share your selfie and a screen shot of the email confirming your donation on social media with the hashtag #SnapYourSnack
4. Challenge 3 friends to do the same!

For the full story, go to the Snap Your Snack site where you can read all about it!

I already took my selfie but found out you can only donate by using a credit card, which I don’t own YET, so my Twitter and Facebook uploads will have to wait a few days longer. In the meantime, I’ll just try and spread the word like this and showing my selfie here below. No matter which camera angle I try, though, it always seems like I’m giving someone a blowjob. But, in the name of poverty! I shall upload it anyways.

I started studying Environmental Sciences about 3 years ago and have become MUCH more aware of food waste and poverty since then. Did you know you can drastically reduce CO2 emissions in your own home by wasting less food? Shop smart; don’t go into a supermarket hungry and buy shit you don’t need or will never eat. I ended up throwing away tons of ‘experimental’ ingredients which I bought while thinking “Hmm, this sounds like fun!”. Usually, it isn’t. So don’t buy that exotic flavoured truffle orange oil unless you’re absolutely sure you’re going to use it a lot is what I’m saying!

By eliminating poverty, we also not just reduce hunger, but again greenhouse gases (who knew you spelled ‘gasses’ with just one ‘s’ in British English?!). It’s all very complex, but one example is that when third world countries develop immensely, they will be able to afford using sustainable power sources as well = less CO2 emissions.

Now, before this turns into a half ass scientific rant, quickly! A picture of me blowing a brownie!!


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  1. Love it! Thanks heaps for the support it is very appreciated!

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