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Indie Month:Week #6


Due to a lot of unforeseen events during the past weeks, I’m behind on my Indie Month reading schedule at the moment. Hospital- and doctor’s visits for myself (nothing too life threatening as far as I know, so I’m good), my dog getting surgery, and some other major events have really cut down on my reading- and blogging time. I honestly can’t wait for things to get back to normal!


The two book posts that were scheduled for today and tomorrow,

will, therefore, be postponed until later this week (I hope). Mordraud is a 500+ paged novel, so that didn’t really help with my time management either ;). I’m at 50% of it now, though, and really enjoying it, so that’s something, at least! I’m only 2% into Bloodwork, so it’s way too soon to say anything about that one.

The last three books that are being part of Indie Month will probably be pushed further into the schedule as well, but I promise to all the participating authors that every one of you/them will still have a post dedicated to their book during April/Indie Month (I knew I should’ve gone for Indie Months instead). I’m sorry about any inconvenience, though, because I’m all for punctuality and then this shit happens.

These are the last three books and they all seem awesome to me.

I have the honour of giving away 1 signed copy of Witchyman in a few weeks and will also be running a personal giveaway in May, so stay tuned for cool bookish loot!

Until then:


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7 Comments on Indie Month:Week #6

  1. Oh noes, hospitals and doctors?!Yikes! I hope you are better now and your pooch too! 🙂 Is he wearing a cone around his head? Is it a he?

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    • Yeah, apparently I have a chocolate cyst on one of my ovaries…I know it’s not officially irony, but I’m gonna say it’s ironic anyways :P. Next month, I might be in the hospital for a week because of it. This crap is wasting my time! xD It’s a he and he got a cone for his previous surgery 2 months ago, but started headbanging as soon as we put it on him. Looks cool, but then he still injures himself, so that was the end of the cone :P. He tore both of his knee bands + meniscus and they literally had to saw into his bone to create an artificial joint of his 2 big leg bones. Creepy shit!

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      • Holy crap on cracker, girl!
        I was not expecting that at all… not as your personal trouble, nor what your dog is going through… blimey!
        I hope you get fixed up pronto and sending a pat on the head for the doggie!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Owyah, I’m quite open when it comes to sharing the gory details of my life ;). But nah, it sucks, but there are children dying in Africa! Thank you, though :3


  2. bookheathen // 13/04/2016 at 13:37 // Reply

    Be well!

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