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The One Lovely Blog Award

Hello lovely people! After only 1 month of blogging around, I received this nomination for the Lovely Blog Award by Samantha of Reeds’s Reads & Reviews . I have to admit that I’m not entirely sure what this means *blushes*, but thank you so much! A little recognition goes a long way! 🙂


Here are the rules for the award:

1. Thank the nominator and link them
2. List the rules and display the award
3. Add seven facts about yourself
4. Nominate seven other bloggers and notify them of the nomination

Seven facts about me:

1. I don’t have a smartphone
2. I play guitar music on my piano
3. Within the past 9 months, my left index finger was:

  • splintered between the bathroom door
  • mistaken for a stick by my dog and I needed antibiotics and a tetanus shot
  • badly bruised after getting stuck in a keyhole with it (don’t ask)
  • cut 1/4 by my giant electrical hedge trimmer from the ’80’s, explained by point 4
    and 7

4. I’m a tomboy
5. I take up to nine poos a day (darn fibres!)
6. I’m allergic to pork
7. I’m clumsy as fuck

The seven bloggers I nominate are:

1. Liis @ Cover to Cover
2. Franzi @ BloodyStranger
3. Hazel @ Hazy Reads
4. Christy @ Green Dragon Artist
5. Beth @ The Reader’s Corner
6. Cindy @ My Book File
7. Trisha @ Yellow, Green and Read All Over

About Anne (231 Articles)
Dutch book reviewer who reviews in English. Grammar nazis beware!! I like brownies. And chamomile tea.

4 Comments on The One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Oh my! First- your poor finger… Second- if you lived in America and your yard got TP’d you’d be like, yay, free TP! 🙂 Third- thanks for getting me involved…Fourth- You’re my kind of girl, I dislike smartphones as well, got one about a year ago and I hate texting on it. Fifth- maybe we should start a band? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL! My boyfriend keeps complaining on how we keep going through toilet paper at a ridiculously fast pace, but hey, I could stop wiping less thoroughly, but I don’t know if THAT will make him happier ^^. 😀 I refuse to get one, because I really don’t see the extra value of it. Texting idd always looks like a hassle to me when I see someone else struggling with it! Furthermore, I’ve got an awesome flashlight and mp3 player with great sound quality on this one, what else can a girl possibly want?! Except for an abundance of toilet paper of course. You play an instrument as well? 😀 If you play piano music on your guitar, we’d be rich and famous in no time! I’ve been thinking of cool band names for a decade now and keep coming back to Bloodsnot Kitty. It has a catchy sound to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • roaring laughing @ Bloodsnot Kitty! What a brilliant band name! And what a fantastic stage presence that name implies- catwomen! meow of course, zombified catwomen!

      Aye, I dabble at drums… I am really crappy at fingering small items… hence, I suck at needlework and guitar makes me go frantic… there should be more space in between the strings! Hence, drums! Perfect for people with useless fingers! 🙂

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  3. Thank you! bows brutal yet sexah!

    That’s so awesome~! 😀 My master of ceremony is also a female drummer in a band. I think it’s a wonderful instrument, because you can still look very feminine, but pound the shit out of something at the same time!! \m/ I do the same thing to my piano btw, poor wee thing.


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