Last Week on Inked Brownies

New experiences. Totally non-book related nonsense really.

So it was my birthday today. The look of excitement I had about it is pretty much captivated in this picture of my dog’s face:


Or my cat’s face(this is actually how I usually have to type):

All my life, I’ve always stuck to the traditional Dutch birthday scenario: get shitloads of food for my guests and run around like a madwoman all day, trying to serve everyone AND entertain the shit out of them. It’s like trying to juggle pies while asking “So, how are things at work?”. For the first time ever, I decided to NOT have that kind of birthday this year. With my wedding coming up, I’ve already got enough on my mind and having a stressful week because of getting a year older really doesn’t add anything nice to it.

Sooooo, again, for the first time EVER, I went out for dinner on my birthday with my closest relatives and fiancรฉ. It was brilliant.

I already told the guy on the phone (while making the reservation) that I was going to celibrate my birthday there, so I was expecting violins and people bursting into song. Unfortunately, no one of the staff seemed to notice, so I thought to myself: fuck this, I’m getting the entire external birthday package, because god damn it, I’m worth it! (or something like that)
So I told my family to fucking sing for me: sing, SING!! So they spontaneously bursted into song. It was magical! (no sarcasm there, it truly was) Then I was so hoping the people from the restaurant would do some special birthday thing with the dessert, like I always see happening to other people when I’m out for dinner. But nothing! So I said: “I want a birthday dessert. With sparkles. And ice cream. And sparkles.” (okay, I actually nudged my fiancรฉ in the ribs to ask them for it, but as soon as he did, I was already meddling in on what I wanted EXACTLY). And I got it. The whole birthday package, sparkles included. I went home completely satisfied.

So, happy girl. I’m considering doing this again next year. MY end result face:



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6 Comments on New experiences. Totally non-book related nonsense really.

  1. Belated birthday wishes!!!
    Sounds like you had a blast! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€ I did! Birthday pancakes are the best! :3 Pardon all my French btw in the post, I’m really not that much of a sweary person. Plus I also wasn’t drunk or anything ^^. Sometimes it just happens!

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  3. Happy belated birthday!!

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