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The Missing (Seasons of Grace #2) by Beverly Lewis

The Missing (Seasons of Grace, #2)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Twenty-one-year-old Grace Byler longs to find her missing mother and to uncover the secret that drove her to leave them three weeks before. Grace suspects the reason has to do with her father and his reserved, uncommunicative ways. This conviction led Grace to break off her betrothal to her quiet, staid beau, and she is now resigned to remain single. But when the young Amishman she thought was courting her best friend takes a sudden interest in her, Grace is befuddled and wonders if he can be trusted.
“Englisher” Heather Lang has come to Amish country to relive fond memories of her mother and to contemplate a grave medical prognosis of her own. While in Bird-in-Hand, Heather meets Grace Byler and the two young women strike up a fast friendship, amazed by how well they click.
Following the only clue they have, Grace and Heather travel together in hopes of finding Grace’s mother and bringing her home. Will they find what they’re looking for…or something much more?


I never thought I was going to like this in the way that I did. It’s still the same cozy writing style as in the first book, but in addition to that, there was a nicer pace of development. Since there is a third book, I knew things weren’t going to get resolved entirely, so there was no dissapointment regarding any lack of action this time.

I also have to say that I saw the ending coming in the beginning of the entire story, but then gave up on the theory again, because it would be too obvious. Clearly, it wasn’t! At least it gives those chapters way more meaning than just being an extra sidestory.

Again, nice and goody-goody stuff to read before going to bed.


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